Advice for tasting

Advice for tasting our Pouilly-Fuissé

Store your bottles horizontally, sheltered from light, in a cool area.

We tend to say that Pouilly-Fuissé is best served at 12ºC. In summer, one or two degrees less can justify themselves. These are the rules of an art.

Pouilly-Fuissé is perfect for accompanying appetizers, such as puff pastry with cheese, or duck liver. It is traditionally served with white meat such as veal or chicken, the complexity of the wine balancing well with the delicacy of the meat.

It is famous for pairing deliciously with white fish, lobster or crayfish. We are convinced that both hard cheese and soft cheese are wonderfully married with Pouilly-Fuissé.

Don’t hesitate to go off the beaten track and test innovative matches. If you have been impressed by an atypical tasting, we would be delighted if you share your testimony to us!